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Job Board Terms & Conditions

The Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society (from this point onward referred to as ACCES) provides the Job Board under the following terms and conditions;

  • There will be a $200 charge for each Job Posting submitted via email.
  • There are discounts in the form of credits that can be used for future job postings for those who submit the Job posting online and pay online.
  • Each Job will be posted to the website from the time it is processed till the Midnight of the closing date.
  • The Employer will be set up in the online Job Board. This will allow them to make future edits themselves.
  • The mass mailing will be limited to the company name and  a maximum of 255 character description of the job.
  • A sample of the proposed Email will be provided.
  • Approval for the proposed Email and Job posting on the website must be provided before the mass mailing is done.
  • Once a mass mailing is preformed no corrections to that mailing are possible.
  • Once the mailing is done, any further edits to the Job posting on the ACCES website must be done by the employer.
  • Payment for the service is via one of two ways.
    • Credit Card via PayPal on our website
  • or
    • A invoice in PDF format will be sent to the Email address that the Job posting was sent from.
    • If a PO number is provided it will be referenced in the invoice.
    • It is up to the originator of the job posting to forward the invoice to the correct accounts receivable department within their institution.
    • ACCES is a volunteer organization and as such does not have the resources to locate or deal with accounts receivable departments.
  • ACCES reserves the right to delay the mass mailing for any Job Posting till we have received payment, If you have a deadline payment by PayPal is strongly encouraged.
  • Shortly after the Job closing date ACCES will provide a report showing the number of hits (views) the Job Posting recieved and from what city. In accordance with our Privacy Policy no personal identifiable information will be provided.

These terms and conditions are currently under development please check back before using the service. If you have any questions please contact our Webmaster.