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Building an Executive

The following is one of the first mass Emailings done during the formation of ACCES

NOMINATIONS for New Atlantic Canadian Clinical Engineering Organization

The Foundation Team is seeking nominations to fill positions within the executive of the new Atlantic Canadian clinical engineering organization. The organization needs dedicated individuals that believe in advancing our shared professional goals.

In the fall of 2007 clinical engineering professionals from across the Atlantic Provinces met in Halifax and laid the foundation for the organizations mission and objectives. The collected input has been reviewed and harmonized by the foundation team who have adopted the mission and objectives listed below. The five objectives of the new organization are the outcome of polling, completed late in 2006, and discussions at the 2007 Moncton Conference. It will be the new executive's goal to implement the vision for the organization that this input has defined.


Our mission is to support clinical engineering professionals working in Atlantic Canada. We strive to develop and promote opportunities for continuing education, personal growth, sharing of experience, adoption of standards of practice, and certification. We will represent our members to government and promote the profession within the health care community.


1. To promote, encourage, and provide opportunities for the training of Clinical Engineering professionals.

2. To offer guidance and support to our members and organizations striving to attain certification and recognition for our profession.

3. To encourage and support organizations which develop and/or implement Standards of Practice

4. To promote our profession to government.

5. To support members in their growth and development through regular exchange of information, ideas, and experience.


Elections of officers will be held to coincide with the 2008 Clinical Engineering Conference in Newfoundland. Only those nominated for positions are eligible to be election candidates.

Closing date for nominations is April 15, 2008


Clinical Engineering professionals working in Atlantic Canada are eligible to hold office in the organization.

Term of Office

The term of office for each position has yet to be determined. This is a constitutional issue and is envisioned to be addressed by the new executive once in place.

How To Nominate – link (link is no longer valid)

Please indicate the person you are nominating for a position in the box "Nominee". Your name should go in the "nominated by" box and a seconder is required whose name should be entered in the following box. It is important that you have confirmed that the individual you are nominating has agreed to stand for office!