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Daniel Theriault, CET
Director at Large

Clinical Engineering Manager, Moncton Area
George L. Dumont Hospital
330 av. de l'Université Avenue
New Brunswick
E1C 2Z3

Information: Dan’s vocation into clinical engineering started back in 1986 after a 4 year stint in what is now called IT. He designed and installed networks back in the early 80’s for an IBM Valued Added Reseller. These where coax based in different topologies: Star, Ring, Tree and Line, with the famous termination loops. He also assembled IBM computer boxes with DOS programing… no plug and play back then.
Early in 1986, he was hired by the Chaleur Regional Hospital in Bathurst in the biomedical department which had a staff of 2, including him. He started back in the trenches with training in X-Ray and monitoring. After three years he transferred to the regional biomedical department which serviced outlying centers. In 1994, during the first major restructuring of health care in NB, both the internal and external Clinical Engineering departments were merged and he was selected to lead this new department. Starting with a staff of 4, the department evolved over the years to 12 technologists as a full service Clinical Engineering in Medical Systems, Diagnostic Imaging, and Dialysis.
In 2001, Dan was seconded for one year to the NB Dept of Health to act as provincial project manager with Tele-i4. This was the initial deployment of PACS equipment as a pan-Atlantic project with counterpart from each Atlantic Province. (Rick Nickerson in NS, Darlene Gallant in PEI and Kevin Durdle in NF&L).
In 2010, with the merger of Clinical Engineering (CE) Services within FacilicorpNB, he was appointed interim CE director for the ‘’Régie de la Santé Vitalité’’; the French health authority in NB. In 2012, CE Services under FacilicorpNB were restructure and Dan was redeployed in Moncton to manage CE operation at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre and at The Moncton Hospital. The service has a combined staff of 31 technologists and 2 administrative assistants. It offers CE services in Medical Systems, Medical Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Renal Dialysis and Oncology.
Dan works in Moncton and lives in Bathurst with his wife. They have a 22 years old daughter studying medicine at the University of Montreal. He enjoys woodlot management on his two parcels of lands of 40+ acres and loves welding on any scrap… usually his atv, trailers and woodlot tools.