Account verus Contacts verus Membership

The Intent of this article is provide some information on why Accounts are required and why you need to log into the website. If this does not answer your questions please contact the Director of Publications via the Contact ACCES menu option.

The ACCES website uses two major pieces of software. Joomla which presents the website that you are using right now and CiviCRM which provides the contacts and membership management features, plus a whole bunch more such as Mass Mailings, Event management etc.

Accounts on this website are managed by Joomla. Contacts and Memberships are managed by CiviCRM. These three pieces of information are linked together.

Everyone who receives a Mass Email from ACCES has a corresponding Contact record in CiviCRM. This is where the Email address comes from. This record exist regardless if they have a Membership in ACCES or an Account on the Joomla Website.  

If an Account is created on the Joomla Website through the Create an account link or via the Membership Renewal-Creation page an Email address must be provided. If this Email already exist in the Contacts database the new Website Account will be tied to the existing Contact record. If a different Email address is used a new duplicate Contact record will be created. This duplicate record at some point will need to corrected.

Once an account is established on the website it can be used by the owner of the account to retrieve and edit their contact details from CiviCRM or Profile as it is called in CiviCRM. The website account is  also be used to retrieve the existing profile during Membership Renewal-Creation.

Renewal or Creation of a membership via the website requires that an Joomla Website account be created if the user is not logged into the website. This is done so the user can access their profile at a later time. If the Email used for this account already exist in the contact database the newly created membership will be tied to the existing contact. If a different Email address is used a new duplicate Contact record will be created. Once again at some point this duplicate record will need to corrected.

If the email address supplied already has an account on the Joomla Website the following error message will be displayed.

Existing members will receive a personalized renewal reminder. Their full name and membership details we be in the body of the Email. This email will contain a unique link that will take the member to the website and pre-load the Membership form with their existing Profile information. If this unique link is used an account is not required on the website.

When ever an account is established on the website an Email will be sent to the address provided. The user will need to respond to this Email from the Website to activate this account. This is done to verify the Email address is valid and is held by the person creating the account.