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Past Articles

ACCES Supports Help for Haiti

In late October, one of our very own clinical engineering technologists, Patrick Clarke, went on a special trip: he joined a volunteer task force made up of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals from Newfoundland committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti by getting involved with Team Broken Earth. ACCES was glad to offer some financial support in the form of a $300 donation for Patrick and his volunteer group’s mission, which he was glad to share with us once he got back “…a little tired but a better person for having been there”.

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Defining a Medical Device in Clinical Engineering

Medical devices have been used in hospitals even before clinical engineering or biomedical engineering departments ever existed. However, a clear definition of “medical device” consistent with Clinical Engineering’s scope of services is a bit more difficult to come by. This article has been put together to explore the different definitions that exist for medical devices, and how these can be applied to Clinical Engineering (CE).

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ACCES Strategic Directions

  • Our mission is to support clinical engineering professionals working in Atlantic Canada. We strive to develop and promote opportunities for continuing education, personal growth, sharing of experience, adoption of standards of practice, and certification. To achieve these goals, the directors developed a 4 year strategic plan to help focus our energies.
  • With your assistance in our member poll and a facilitator, the ACCES directors identified 4 strategic directions with priorities and timelines assigned to each.
  • We hope these directions align with your view of what a successful Clinical Engineering Society looks like and we welcome any feedback you have on the direction of your society. Please contact any of the Executive via the information on our contact page.

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Thank You from a Retiring President

On May 9th, at the midpoint of the Saint John conference at our Annual General Meeting, I officially retired as the President of ACCES. The past 7 years have been a roller coaster of challenges and exciting triumphs, for the original foundation committee, and then the new Executive Board of the Society.  I leave the post with a lifetime worth of great memories and a sense of tremendous accomplishment. We have created a healthy and vibrant organization where nothing existed before.

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Certification for Biomedical Technicians and Technologists in Atlantic Canada

The International Certification Commission provides formal recognition for Clinical Engineering and Biomedical Technology. Certification as a Biomedical Engineering Technician or Technologist (CBET) demonstrates excellence in theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the principles of biomedical equipment technology and the underlying physiologic principle, and the practical, safe, clinical application of biomedical equipment. His/her capabilities may include installation, calibration, inspection, preventative maintenance, repair, modification, design and development of general biomedical and related technical equipment, and in equipment control, safety and maintenance. It also demonstrates a strong commitment to your professional career.

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Webinar Thankyou

Lean by Design 

Presented by Kathy Winter

Sponsored by GE Healthcare & ACCES

Thanks to GE & Kathy for presenting this very topical Webinar. Also a special thanks to all those that attended this Webinar. With your support we had a record number of attendees just over 100.

Click here to see more information on this Webinar.

The regular members of ACCES (those in Atlantic Canada) are eligible for our learn and win program. All you need to do is complete our simple Quiz on this Webinar within the next 7 days

Click here to go directly to this Quiz.

For those Associate members (those outside Atlantic Canada) you can still complete the Quiz and our website will generate a beautiful certificate suitable for printing framing and/or continuing education requirements.

For those non members that are curious about the quiz and would like to give it a try, just create an account on our website. Once you complete the sign up process you will receive an account activation link at the Email address you provided. By following this link you will get one free visit to our website. During your visit feel free to try the quiz and take a look around our website. It is our hope that you like what you learn about ACCES and will consider joining our Society.

Lift Load and Accessories Available

altThe Health Association Nova Scotia (HANS) Clinical Engineering Service is pleased to announce we are now able to offer our Lift Load Mark III and accessories for sale to other CE groups. We have been developing the product for more than 3 years, in conjunction with Stantec Engineering and Quality Machining, and it is now a mature and professional platform and warrantied for a full year from time of delivery. We have 5 of these in service with our teams and have just shipped our first system and accessories to the Regina General Hospital.

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ACCES Profiled in TechNation

ACCES was profiled in the October 2012 edition of TechNation with circulation of ~25,000.  This profile article provides a good overview of our organization. TechNation is a US publication dedicated to Biomedical Engineering. It is a informative Biomed Publication with both a hardcopy and an online version of the magazine available.

Click here to see the Article on the techNation website.

Click here to download a PDF of the article.pdf

icon ACCES members can download a copy here. (443.91 kB)

Webinars Go International

This year in addition to encouraging ACCES members in Atlantic Canada to attend our Webinars via the Learn and Win Program we are making an increased effort to attract those from outside Atlantic Canada. As our promotional mailings indicate; ACCES Webinars are free to anyone, anywhere evolved in the Biomedical and Clinical Engineering profession.

I was very please when I saw a Ian Bowen register with a New Zealand Email domain. Thinking this would make a great article for our website I contacted Ian and discovered he was indeed located in New Zealand. Ian was kind enough to tell me about the work he does and even provided a few pictures of himself and co-workers.

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Starting in fall 2012 ACCES is offering our members certificates for our Webinars. These certificates can be put toward your continuing education requirements,or framed and hung if you desire. To obtain a certificate you must successfully complete a short quiz on one of our Webinars. After each new Webinar we will be posting a Quiz on that Webinar and a link to the quiz will be given during the Webinar.

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