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ACCES Corporate, Regular and Associate Memberships are renewed and started on this page.

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Our primarily focus at ACCES is Biomeds in Atlantic Canada, however we welcome anyone from the Biomedical Community to take part in any of our Events and Webinars and become Associate members. Accordingly only those over the age of 18 years residing in, or with offices in, Atlantic Canada are eligible for Regular Memberships, as dictated by our bylaws.

Please notify us via the Contact ACCES Menu item if you have a change of address / email or update your contact details by using the Edit Profile option under the Member Menu.

All memberships are for one year.

Regular and Associate memberships are granted for a fixed period starting April 1st till March 31st of the following year. Renewals extend your membership for one year to the following March 31st. New memberships activated after Jan 1st cover the full year up to March 31st of the following year.

Corporate Memberships are also granted for a fixed period but start on January 1st till December 31st  of that calendar year. Renewals extend your membership for one year to the following December 31st. New memberships activated after Oct 1st  cover the remainder of the curent year plus up to December 31st of the following year.

Associate and Regular memberships are non-transferable.

Welcome! Please sign up for a new membership. If you have an account on the website do NOT proceed please log in first.

Corporate  - $ 500.00
Corporate membership. Benefits  
Regular  - $ 25.00
Biomedical engineering technologists, biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, medical technology managers, and many other professionals who support the field of medical technology.  
Associate  - $ 25.00
Anyone in the Biomedical field residing outside Atlantic Canada. This membership has no voting rights, or contest eligibility.  
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