Dialysis Presentation by Bob Gillies

Dialysis Presentation 2 by Bob Gillies

Infoway Presentation by Alex Mair

Change, Teamwork, Leadership and communications by Laurie Bourque

Building a Leading Shared Service Provider

The Case for Patient Safety in Canada,  Laurel Taylor

2010 Developing Centralized Parts Mgmt Program

ACCES Conference April 2010


Alex Mair Infoway Presentation Moncton

Anglehart Building Change Resilience

Bouhtiauy Process of Purchasing and Implementation of New Equipment

Digital Mammography: Quality Control, Artifact & Radiation Dose, Cupido Daniels

Patient/Resident Ceiling Lifts Danger above, Ron Ouellette & Jeremy Dann

Clinical Applications of medical Technologies in physiotherapy, Denise Trzop

Remote Diagnostics & Proactive Service, Juan Pablo

Medication Safety & Automated Solutions, Kan Dennison, Steve Dennison

IPM Assessment Project, Kirby Farris

PET (positron Emission Tomography), Daniel Raymond

A look at Leakage Current, Scott Airdire

Certification Requirements to 60601-1 Standards, Scott Airdire

Establishing PM Procedures & interivals, Steve Smith

Basic networking troubleshooting, Tim Gallant

Evidance Based Maintenance, Binsend Wang

Clinical Engineering Zone Service Model, Alan Gresch