Presented by David Wood

Sponsored by Conmed Canada & ACCES

Webinar Date: 2009-10-28

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The purpose of this seminar is to acquaint biomed, nurses and other members of the surgical team with the risks associated with surgical smoke plume. Research has demonstrated that, annually, some 500,000 surgical team members are exposed to airborne contamination from surgical smoke. Frequently, patients are exposed to these same potential contaminants. Learning objectives include:

  • Describe the content of surgical smoke plume
  • Identify the hazardous components of plume
  • Compare surgical smoke to cigarette smoke
  • Discuss potential diseases that can occur from plume transmission
  • Describe symptoms of plume exposure
  • Differentiate the various safety techniques for reducing exposure to plume
  • Compare and contrast the various surgical smoke evacuation systems
  • Describe the importance of suction tubing size to evacuation rates
  • Discuss recommended practices related to surgical smoke plume