Presented by David Wood

Sponsored by Conmed Canada & ACCES

Webinar date: 2009-12-02

The purpose of this seminar is to provide biomed, nurses and other healthcare team members information regarding patient care issues during the application of argon beam coagulation. In order to properly apply this technology, a basic knowledge of electricity and its application to patient care procedures is necessary. Combining argon gas and electrosurgical energy to accomplish desired tissue responses require an awareness of specific patient safety considerations. The patient benefits and procedural advantages are presented and the standard safety practices are reviewed. Learning objectives include:

  • Explain scientific principles of argon beam coagulation
  • Identify the properties of argon gas
  • Describe the tissue effects related to argon beam coagulation
  • Differentiate the benefits of argon beam coagulation to conventional electrosurgery
  • Discuss patient care safety principles