Present by Frank R. Painter

Sponsored by Universityof Connecticut& ACCES

This presentation will provide an overview and specific recommendations for putting an infection control policy in place for healthcare technology management departments (Biomedical/Clinical engineering Departments).  Review of several hospital policies will provide a basis for the discussion and help in developing one that will work for your department.  Specific infection control tools will be discussed, including the role of personal protective equipment (PPE), material data safety sheets (MSDS), and decontamination procedures for medical equipment.


About The Presenter: Frank R. Painter, MS, CCE of
Technology Management Solutions, LLC

Solid experience in healthcare technology management, with 25 years directing hospital based medical equipment service organizations.  Internationally recognized in the field of clinical engineering.  Presented and taught both nationally and internationally.  Mr. Painter is well versed in: medical equipment maintenance and repair, codes and standards compliance,technology management, risk management, medical equipment function and evaluation, and medical technology assessment and planning.

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