Presented by Dan Hatlestad, Sales Education Manager GE Healthcare - Perioperative Care

Webinar 2010-01-13


Webinar sponsored by GE Healthcare & ACCES

Modern anesthesia carestations are the result of an evolution and revolution in anesthesia engineering and clinical functionality.  Understanding the history of anesthesia equipment will provide you with an excellent background into today's systems.  Anesthetists focus on the proper delivery and management of anesthetics - inhaled and intravenous - to safely maintain the proper level of anesthesia.  This presentation will review the basics of anesthesia pharmacology.  Maintaining the patients' airway is an important part of all anesthetics.  Several methods can be used, from minimally invasive to endotracheal intubation, which allow for management of the airway and ventilation.

Monitoring of the patient under anesthesia has evolved from basic blood pressure analysis to invasive hemodynamics and neuromonitoring.  We will review the basic functionality of current monitoring systems and the physiologic information behind the numbers.

-History of Anesthesia Equipment

-Anesthesia Pharmacology

-Airway Management

-Physiological Monitoring Parameters in Anesthesia