Presented by Dan Hatlestad, Sales Education Manager GE Healthcare - Perioperative Care

Webinar 2010-04-21

Sponsored by GE Healthcare & ACCES


The modes of ventilation in anesthesia have expanded significantly to meet the increasing acuity of surgical patients.  Critical care modes of ventilation, such as Pressure Control, SIMV, Pressure Support and Pressure Control - Volume Guarantee, are now available in current anesthesia carestations.  These modes allow for ventilation of patients who may have previously required a critical care-type ventilator in the Operating Room.  Understanding the compliance and resistance of the patients' respiratory system, the interaction between the ventilator and the patient, and the ventilator's response to the patients' inspiratory effort allow will enhance your knowledge of the carestation functionality.


  • Volume Control Ventilation
  • Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Synchronized Mandatory Ventilation
  • Pressure Support Ventilation
  • Pressure Control
  • Volume Guarantee Ventilation