All online renewals require payment via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment option. PayPal accepts the major credit cards. When you get to the first PayPal screen just click on the option Don't have a PayPal account? as circled in red in the picture to the right.

The ACCES website will transfer your primary address we have on file to PayPal. This will most likely be your work address and not the home address for your credit card. PayPal will pick up on this error and not complete the transaction.

If you use PayPal as a Guest, please correct the address and phone number on the paypal screens.

Once the transaction is completed PayPal will have all the information it needs to establish an account, except a password. It therefore will optionally offer to setup an account.

By using PayPal, the renewal process in completely automated. Both ACCES and you avoid the manual labor involved in cheques. The cost of using PayPal will be absorbed by ACCES, You incur no extra cost. PayPal's fee is less then the cost of a stamp.

PayPal keeps your credit card details secure, our server never see's any of these details. In 2009 PayPal's total payment volume was 71 billion $USD. By comparison, in 2010 the Royal Bank of Canada had a revenue of 28 billion. While it would be difficult to compare the business volume of these companies the numbers show that, PayPal is not a small outfit, and has the resources to keep you financial details safe.

When you complete your PayPal transaction you will be shown a link that will return you to the ACCES website. You do not need to return to the ACCES website to complete the transaction. Our server is notified by PayPal that the transaction is complete at the same time as you.

If you choose to return to ACCES your browser may display a message similar to the following.

The information the warning is referring to is an encrypted key that allows the ACCES website to put up a customized ThankYou notice. It is NOT your credit card details, this information never leaves the PayPal servers.

If you are still not comfortable or able to use PayPal you can download a ACCES Membership Form. Complete the form (you can fill it in with Adobe Acrobat) print it, and mail it to us with a cheque. All required details are on this form.