Read this article to see what are the perks of having a Corporate Membership.

ACCES Corporate Membership Offerings

Website Offering:

  • Corporate Logo banner will be displayed on the ACCES home page as a rolling banner which will contain all our Corporate Memberships - Clicking on a Corporation’s Logo will re-direct the viewer (ACCES Member and Non-Member) to our Corporate Membership page which will contain logos, email contacts, phone numbers, and other links pertaining to that company.

Quaterly Newsletter Offering:

  • A Corporate section will be made available on our Quarterly ACCES Newsletter to our membership that will mention:
    • 1. Corporate new product offerings (with Product Image and web link)
    • 2. Recent Training offerings (with Web link to review information)

Note: The above two Newsletter items together shall be limited to 200 words total plus maximum of one photo. The size of the picture submitted will be resized to fit the format of the newsletter. The resized picture will have a 600 pixels maximum width and a maximum total area of 0.3 megapixels. We reserve the right to crop and/or change the ratio the picture if needed.

Note: No Survey Offerings are included in this Corporate Membership Offering.

Additional Advantages of a Corporation Having a Corporate Membership:

  • Memberships are transferable within the Corporation.
  • Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st to allow for preparation for the annual ACCES Conference
  • Guaranteed conference booth space (one booth only) if registering at least three months prior to Conference start date. Additional booths can be purchased if available at the time requested.
  • Booth discount of 10% for first booth. Additional booths, if requested, will be charged at regular rates. (Note: discount only applies to the conference taking place in the same year as the active corporate membership. Corporate memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st in a given year, but can be renewed or purchased up to three months prior to the end of the previous year).
  • Advance notice of conference dates.
  • Acknowledgement of Corporate Members at the conference, regardless of attendance.