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  1. Seasons Greetings
  2. Logo Contest
  3. Big News – Our New Website !!
  4. We Are Solvent
  5. Education
  6. Membership

Seasons Greetings

Over the holiday season we will be taking time to enjoy the company of friends and family. It will be a time of laughter and joy, reflection and relaxation. The Executive team at ACCES wishes you the very best for the holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year.

The Logo Contest

The response to the logo contest has been excellent. We have narrowed the entries down to five which are presented on the ACCES website. We will wrap up the voting on Jan 14th with a winner of the digital camera, sponsored once again by OLYMPUS, announced shortly after. To vote you must register on the site which you will find has other advantages as well (see below). We are looking forward to having a new logo for use on the website, conference brochures, correspondence and promotional materiel. Thank-you to all who entered.

Big News – Our New Website

We are very excited to announce that is now home to your very professional world class website. Kudos and the thanks of the executive go to Steve Lockyer for the many many hours he has spent building the site and the vision he has brought to the project.  We encourage you to take a look and try it out. You will find a great deal of information regarding the new society and where we are going. By registering you will open a door to the ACCES Biomed Forum which we hope will become a great place to exchange ideas and network with your peers (one of our primary goals). Casting a vote for a new Logo is available to all those that register. Please check out the job posting section as well. Lots to see and do! Also – please report any bugs or areas for improvement you find in your travels within the site to Steve lockyer via the contact page on the site or in the forum “website development”

We Are Solvent

Bringing a new organization into existence and giving it legal status are challenging undertakings. The last of the many tasks required to complete the building of our foundation happened just weeks ago with two electronic transfers of funds through the website to our new RBC business accounts ( the transfers totalled 20 cents). The first transfers were followed closely by a $1000 transfer from the Newfoundland conference team. Many thanks, once again, to Ron Johnson and Steven Lockyer and their team for organizing such an excellent event. Thanks go to Dave Melnick who has done a stellar job of bringing our financial component on line with RBC.


Jason Symmonds, our Director of Education, has been working to uncover opportunities for training and e-learning. As he finds them they are being sent out as rapidly as possible to you through Paul Auffrey’s, ACCES secretariat, mailouts. Mary Ann Tanner has joined the education team and we hope to expand on the activity of this component of the society dramatically over the next year. If you have interest in helping out here please contact Jason directly via the contact page on the website.


The website provides Clinical Engineering Professionals with the opportunity to join the society. For those who signed up during our promotional period, which ended shortly after the NFLD conference, your first membership will be for 2 years. Please contact Paul Auffrey if you are unsure if you met the deadline.

From Jeremy, Ron, Dave M, Steve, Dave H, Paul and Jason 

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings