A Great Success

The first ever national Clinical Engineering week was announced by the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) this past winter. The week is intended to recognize the biomedical engineering technologists, technicians, clinical engineers and other medical technology professional that uniquely serve Canadian healthcare and patients. The inaugural week dates, March 1-8, were chosen to coincide with National Engineering week.

NSAHO Clinical Engineering staff invested a great deal of time in preparation and in the week’s activities. Displays were set up; cake served and door prizes given out. Staff took pride in this endeavor and the events were well attended by hospital staff who expressed a lot of interest in what Clinical Engineering actually does. Northern Nova Scotia’s Pictou County District Health Authority (DHA) CE week activity coincided with Accreditation and the accreditors were impressed with our display. The Technologists in Colchester DHA added a little flair to the proceedings by having the CMBES logo transferred to their cake. Many thanks to John Inch for this effort.

In Cumberland County DHA Jamie Kelba, our onsite Bio-Med Technologist, was presented with a urinal with electrodes decorated as flowers from the OR nurses. They said it was only used once and they really do appreciate him.

Celebrations across western Nova Scotia were very much in the same vain. Activities included a draw with questionnaire entries designed to determine how much our coworkers in the system know about Clinical Engineering. The responses to some of the questions were very amusing. The question resulted in a great deal of research by those who really got into the spirit of the activity. More than 250 entries were returned.

The week was great fun for all and certainly accomplished what we set out to do;

Educate and Celebrate

We are all looking forward to next year!