• Digital Marketing Sub Committee Call for Interest


    Attention ACCES members! We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new Digital Marketing Subcommittee. Are you passionate about leveraging the power of digital platforms to elevate our organization's reach and impact? Join our committee and be at the forefront of driving our digital marketing initiatives.

  • Treasurer Vacancy

    ACCES is delighted to announce an opening for the position of Treasurer within our Executive Team. As Treasurer, you will play a vital role in overseeing our financial operations, ensuring the long-term stability and growth of ACCES.

  • New Executive Members


    We are thrilled to introduce the newest additions to the ACCES executive team, who will play a vital role in shaping the future of our organization. Join us in welcoming Michael Barton as a Member at Large, Michael Jeffrey as the Director of Membership, and Cory Mulvina as another Member at Large. Each of them brings unique skills, expertise, and a passion for advancing the field of biomedical engineering.

  • Message from the President, July 2023

    July 2023

    As your newly elected President of ACCES I’d like to welcome you to our Summer 2023 newsletter. I’d like to thank our Communications Director, David Gillis, for his efforts in putting it together. I hope you enjoy the read.

    Well, here we are at the start of our summer season - my how time flies. We just had our 25th Annual Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society’s Educational Seminar and Trade Show in Moncton in early May and it seems like it was yesterday. If you were able to attend, you would have to agree it was a tremendous success as the New Brunswick Committee did a fantastic job. If you were...

  • 2023 Clinical Engineering Week

    On Behalf of the ACCES Executive committee, we want to wish everyone a Happy Clinical Engineering Week!

    From May 14-20, we celebrate the vital contributions of Biomeds and CE staff to the healthcare industry. As experts in medical technology, these folks play a critical role in maintaining, optimizing, and innovating the devices and systems that support patient care.
    At a time when the world is facing unprecedented...

  • Spotlight: Matt Stacey - Part 2

    This is part two of our two-part article on Matt Stacey’s Biomed career journey. In part one, we explored Matt’s beginnings as a biomedical technologist, growing up in Newfoundland and making the journey north as a biomedical technologist in Nunavut, where he met his wife, Jacqueline, their move to New Brunswick, and having their first child.

  • Spotlight: Matt Stacey - Part 1

    This Article is a 2-part series and follows the unique, yet exciting career journey of Matt Stacey, who has enjoyed a nearly 20-year Biomed career that is anything but ordinary, working in some of the most remote and isolated regions of Northern Canada. He is currently working as a Health Technology Management Consultant and based in Kentville, Nova Scotia.


    CESO 2023 Annual Conference will be offered this year virtually February 6th - 10th from 12:00 - 3:00 pm EST.

    The full program and the registration page can be found at www.ceso.on.ca.

  • Message from the President, Fall 2022

    Hello ACCES, the Executive Team has been thinking about our members and their families after the recent visit from Fiona and the devastation that was left in her tracks. From watching the news...

  • Hurricane Fiona

    September 24th, 2022 is a date many Atlantic Canadians won’t soon forget. Hurricane Fiona certainly wreaked havoc that day, leaving a lot of people with their homes destroyed, damaged infrastructure, downed trees, as well as extended

  • 2022 Clinical Engineering Week Photo Contest Winners

    Clinical Engineering departments across Atlantic Canada celebrated the National Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week this past May (15th-21st). As with every year, the criteria haven’t changed much. Departments were tasked with snapping a picture

  • Nominate CE of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award

    Do You Know an Outstanding Clinical Engineering Professional?

  • Service New Brunswick’s Clinical Engineer Shares Innovative Research at International Consortium

    Ishtar Al-Tahir, Clinical Engineer (MIT) with Health Services, completed her Master of Science in Engineering with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in 2021. Ishtar was recently selected to...

  • ACCES 2022 Bursary Recipients

    ACCES is pleased to recognize Brady Spencer and Matthew McKenna as this year’s annual bursary winners.

  • 2022 Clinical Engineering Week

    It’s that time of year again. During the week of May 15th-21st, 2022, Biomedical/Clinical Engineering departments coast-to-coast will climb out from the basements of their respected hospitals to be honoured and celebrated for the annual National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation week. ACCES will once again be participating in the festivities with our annual photo contest.

  • ACCES Joins LinkedIn

    The rumours are true, ACCES has joined social media with a LinkedIn account. Our official handle is “Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society” – you can connect with us here: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/atlantic-canada-clinical-engineering-society-073937222

  • Spotlight: Gary Slaunwhite – Recipient of the Outstanding Canadian Biomed of the Year Award (CMBES)

    Gary Slaunwhite was CMBES’ 2021 selection for the Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Technologist award. Gary is currently employed in the Clinical Engineering department of the IWK Health, in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a Biomedical Engineering Technologist, Team Lead.

  • Message from the President, Winter 2022

    Hello ACCES, the first thing that I would like to say is Happy New Year to everyone and let us hope for a better 2022 than 2021, although we have started out on the wrong foot.
    Unfortunately, once again the ACCES25 conference had to be cancelled. It was a tough call...

  • Message from the President, Spring 2021

    Hi ACCES, the first thing I would like to do is wish everyone a happy National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation Week. Once again you may not be sharing your celebration with others in your facilities but do take the time to sit back and reflect on last years achievements.

  • 2020 Clinical Engineering Week Photo Contest Winners

    Clinical Engineering departments across Atlantic Canada celebrated the National Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week last year from May 17 - 23. As part of the celebrations, ACCES launched its annual photo-contest to registered members.