Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Week has taken place May 21-25 2012. To help our members and other Biomed departments promote this week ACCES devolped a free standing posters, and other materials.

You can still You can still access these materials by clicking here.

We are also running a contest which remains open till June 30th. The contest is open to any group that used the free standing ACCES created banner during CE week. So send our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.a picture of your team beside a banner (we need their names!) suitable for publication on our website by June 30th.  Your teams name will be entered in a random draw for one of six prizes of $200. The $200 prizes will be sent to lucky winners in January of 2013 to help you fund and promote CE week next year! Contest available to departments in Atlantic Canada Only, and good luck!

Pictures submitted so far are shown below. If you do your math, you will see the chances of winning are very good, and involves no randomness at all. So if you used the ACCES created banner send us a picture with the names of those in the picture.

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