The Health Association Nova Scotia (HANS) Clinical Engineering Service is pleased to announce we are now able to offer our Lift Load Mark III and accessories for sale to other CE groups. We have been developing the product for more than 3 years, in conjunction with Stantec Engineering and Quality Machining, and it is now a mature and professional platform and warrantied for a full year from time of delivery. We have 5 of these in service with our teams and have just shipped our first system and accessories to the Regina General Hospital.

The concept behind the Lift Load is to provide a safe and efficient multipurpose test load for the healthcare environment. This is achieved by:

  1. Permanently locating the majority of the low cost Pumpkin Weights (see video and photo) at each facility, where testing takes place, in order to minimize the requirement for heavy lifting. Thus reducing the risk of injury for users.
  2. Incorporating features into the cart that eliminates the need to lift heavy weights to load the cart. Only the cart, accessories, and small wafer weights (12.5-lbs.) are routinely transported to a facility. Users should never have to routinely lift any component of the system weighing more than 18 lbs.
  3. Implementing a low profile design which clears obstacles when lifted.
  4. Maximizing portability through an easily disassembled cart designed for transport in a small vehicle.
  5. Ensuring the Lift Load is patient, resident, user, and facility friendly (i.e. rolls easily/quietly without marking floors).
  6. Providing multiple options for load configurations of the cart and accessories allowing for connection to a very broad variety of lifting technologies.
  7. Providing a platform that will easily handle 1,250-lbs.
  8. Providing a system and accessories that are professionally engineered and manufactured meeting provincial OSGR regulations for below-the-hook devices

Click here for information on the program that lead to the development of the Lift Load.

For additional information please contact:

Jim Siller
Manager, Client Relationship and Innovation
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