The next edition of CSA Z32 Electrical safety and essential electrical systems in health care facilities is now available for public review until October 31, 2020.  It is expected to be published in 2021.  Here is a link to review the proposed new edition:  

 Many changes have been integrated into the document including:

  • changing delayed vital to 1 minute (previously 2 minutes);
  • more detailed HCF class definitions;
  • expanded table 6;
  • requirement for tamper resistant receptacles in areas where children are often present;
  • some changes to receptacle testing procedures/requirements;
  • generator redundancy clarifications;
  • and many more. 

Please share with anyone you think would like to review. Comments should be submitted through the CSA website.  The public review period is intended to provide an opportunity for users of the standard to provide comments.  Standards are developed with the best intentions, but there is always the potential for unexpected consequences which a wider base of review can sometimes identify.

 Natalie Boudreau, P.Eng./ing.