October 2022

Hello ACCES, the Executive Team has been thinking about our members and their families after the recent visit from Fiona and the devastation that was left in her tracks. From watching the news post hurricane, it could be seen throughout the Atlantic Provinces many people were without power for an extended period and still without today. In some cases, people had no homes to return to. The devastation was extreme, and we hope that everyone that has been impacted by Fiona is on the road to recovery.

ACCES is committed to help in any way that we can and although we can’t help every member effected by the storm, we are donating $1000 to the Red Cross which will be matched by the Federal government. Our thoughts are with you.

I do have some good news to share with our ACCES community, planning has started for ACCES25, and we have already had the opportunity to meet. Many of the committee members for 2019/2020 are back and excited to continue the planning once again for our Silver Anniversary, being held on May 9-12, 2023. Stay tuned as more news becomes available.

If you have any ideas or suggestion for training sessions or speakers, you can send your suggestions into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Brett's John Henry

Brett Fraser
President, Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society