March 2023

I am excited that Spring is in the air and the warmer weather is just around the corner. Although I am more excited at what’s coming up in ACCES. Our annual membership drive is about to start, Biomed of the year and Lifetime achievement nominations will be coming in, and most of all, our 25th Annual Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society’s Educational Seminar and Trade Show is quickly coming up in Moncton in May.

Planning started in 2019 for ACCES25 and now finally in 2023 things are happening. Delegates are signing up, hotel rooms are quickly being booked, the education stream is set, and the vendor hall is all but full with only a couple of spots left. Really no need to say this, but the ACCES25 planning committee is doing GREAT work and ahead of schedule. Oh yes, just to drop a hint that while networking with your peers, you may want to “sharpen your axe”.

During the conference, I look forward to seeing you at our Annual General Meeting, face to face. Besides our updates we will be seeking interest on various positions which are opening on our executive team. This is a great opportunity to be involved in Clinical Engineering within Atlantic Canada and a chance to make connection across the country. A chance to make a difference.

So yes, I am very excited. See you in May.

Brett's John Henry

Brett Fraser
President - Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society