The cornerstone for ACCES was laid in November of 2006. We began with a meeting of interested CE professionals hosted in Moncton. This visionary group became the foundation team which launched regional discussions in 2006. These conversations evolved and grew through 2007. The 2008 spring conference in Newfoundland was followed by our incorporation as the Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society in the late summer of 2008.

Today, three years after incorporation, we are an organization of 125 members. We rotate a conference annually around the Atlantic provinces that rivals any on a national scale. Our continuing education program is unparalleled in the country. These sessions are regularly attended by CE staff from across Canada and the US. ECRI is a regular participant. We are holding fall educational seminars that are bringing in very high level speakers from professional organizations. We will be in Newfoundland again in May for the 2011 ACCES conference. We are in the planning stages now for an educational seminar in New Brunswick in October and the joint Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society/ ACCES conference in Halifax in 2012. We are just beginning the thought process around the 2013 conference. There is professional affairs team meeting regularly to discuss the future of ongoing CBET certification related education and credit tracking for Biomeds.

How has this been, and continues to be, accomplished? It happens through the vision, dedication, and hard work of the executive team and untold hours of volunteer time, that more than 50 Clinical Engineering professionals have invested across the region in the last several years. It is happening because CE professionals want it to, and are willing to work at it. We are gaining a nationally recognized reputation associated with our many achievements.

The future is bright. There is much to do.

The society needs fresh ideas and enthusiasm to thrive. Two of our Executive team members will be eligible to retire in the next few years and want to work with new members coming on to ensure a smooth transition and continued success. It is soon time for elections to the executive. It is our hope that interested CE professionals will step forward and declare their interest.

If you are interested in serving on the executive please feel free to contact any member of the team. The nomination process has begun. If you want to work with the exec (rather than on it) and volunteer your time please let us know. Many have declared their interest in the past and involved themselves in events. Sometimes we may have missed an expression of interest – it is never too late to jump in and let us know you want to be a part of this movement.


Jeremy Dann

President ACCES

  • Do you want to get enolved?
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