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  1. Webinar: Optics in the Hospital Operating Room
  2. Learn and Win Program
  3. 2013 ACCES Conference Annoucement
  4. Biomedical Investigations
  5. Webinars Go international
  6. Certificates
  7. ACCES Twitter Account Change
  8. ACCES Website Job Board
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Webinar: Optics in the Hospital Operating Room

Please join us for our second Webinar in our fall series

Presented by Dennis C. Leiner, Ph.D.

Sponsored by Lighthouse Industries & ACCES

Endoscopes are a class of optical devices for visualizing the inside of the body and are used in almost all medical specialties in the hospital. Clinical engineering departments are now being asked to track their hospital’s inventory and perform preventive maintenance on these devices to assure that they are in good working order before use in minimally invasive procedures.

This presentation discusses the optics inside the surgical instruments that are utilized during endoscopic procedures. No background in physics or optical engineering is assumed by the presenter. Emphasis is given to the practical considerations in understanding the basic function/operation of all types of endoscopes. Simple quality tests are presented that will allow the clinical engineer to troubleshoot and maintain the hospital’s inventory of both rigid and flexible endoscope systems.


October 31st, 2012 2:00 PM   through   3:00 PM

ACCES Webinars are free to anyone, anywhere envolved in the Biomedical/Clinical Engineering profession.

Click here for a full listing of our Fall 2012 Webinar series.

Learn and Win Program

Click here to check out the Learn and Win Program we running in conjunction with our Webinars. This program gives ACCES members in Atlantic Canada who participate in webinars a
chance to win a new iPad and other prizes.


2013 ACCES Conference Annoucement

ACCES is pleased to Announce the 2013 ACCES Conference will take place May 8th through 10th in Saint John New Brunswick. The conference will be hosted at the Delta Brunswick in the downtown core of the city.

Kirby Farris, Clinical Engineering Manager for the Saint John Area with FacilicorpNB, will be chairing the 2013 ACCES conference. Kirby has been heavily involved in the Clinical Engineering scene for many years and has a long record of involvement in professional continuing education.

Kirby is already working with a growing team in New Brunswick, he has assembled Sean Nobles for marketing/Vendors, Paul Auffrey for Clinical/Educational Pathways, Joel Smith for Entertainment and Ron Sturge for treasury to help in hosting a conference worthy of those in the past.

Also of interest to many may be the work going on behind the scenes at ACCES to put in place a formal request process for travel funding to the conference. With the economy tight and travel funds limited the exec has identified the need to support our members  to ensure excellent opportunities for education and networking are available to all..

The theme for ACCES 18, 2013 is Clinical Engineering Built on a Solid Foundation.


ACCES Profiled in TechNation

ACCES was profiled in the October 2012 edition of TechNation with circulation of ~25,000.  This profile article provides a good overview of our organization. TechNation is a US publication dedicated to Biomedical Engineering. It is a informative Biomed Publication with both a hardcopy and an online version of the magazine available.

Click here to see the Article on the techNation website.


Webinars Go international

Our webinars continue to gain attantion both Nationally and International. We recently had a fellow Biomed Ian Bowen from New Zealand join use for the Webinar The Evolution of Dialysis Technology.

Ian was kind enough to tell me about the work he does and even provided a few pictures of himself and co-workers.

Click here to read the full article on our website.


Starting in fall 2012 ACCES is offering our members certificates for our Webinars. These certificates can be put toward your continuing education requires,or framed and hung if you desire. To obtain a certificate you must successfully complete a short quiz on one of our Webinars. Learn more abour Certificates by visiting our website.
These quizzes are also part of our
Learn and Win Program for ACCES Members in Atlantic Canada.


ACCES Twitter Account Change

Our Twitter account has changed! Check us out at @ACCESociety.

The old account was designed for the ACCES-CMBES conference. Since the conference is over, the Twitter account was changed to focus on our own society and activities. Tweet us! Tell us what is important to you. We'll endeavour to answer any questions sent to us. We'll also post about our own events.

Remember, as you post, maintain patient and employer confidentiality!

ACCES Website Job Board

The ACCES website Job Board remains available and has been used with success. You will see any new job posting scrolling in top left corner just above the Main Menu.

Employers can post jobs to our website, and any posting can be freely viewed by any member of the public.

In addition, for less then the cost of a Posting in Career Beacon, employers can have their Job Posting Emailed to over 500 people in the field. ACCES will email a short description of the job plus a link back to the full job posting on our website.

To date over 20% of those  Emailed look at the full Job Posting. This is a very good rate of uptake on a Email. 

So if you know anyone looking for a skilled Biomed why not send them to the ACCES website. They can click on the Job Board Menu option and get started right away.

Become A Member

ACCES is, at its core, a growing number of Clinical Engineering professionals who believe in the importance of continuing education, networking with peers, working to achieve a higher standard, developing themselves, and elevating their chosen profession. If these key elements make sense to you then perhaps you should be a member as well.

It is never too late to become a member and their are no late Penalties, it still only cost $25, so why not become a member today.

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