• Clinical Engineering Week 2012 Contest

    Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Week has taken place May 21-25 2012. To help our members and other Biomed departments promote this week ACCES devolped a free standing posters, and other materials.

    You can still You can still access these materials by clicking here.

  • AAMI Resources

    AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC) sponsers the National HTM (Health Technology Management) Week.

    This AAMI webpage list some resources for Health Technology Management Week

    AAMI stands for Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, and is dedicated to advancing safety in medical technology.

    HTM (Health Technology Management) is a new name being adopted by many progressive Biomed/Clinical Engineering Departments see this article for more information.

  • Clinical Engineering Week 2011

    The staff at Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital celebrated Biomed May 22nd to 28th.

    As part of Biomed they set up a the following display outside the Cafeteria.

    Special Thanks to Mike Smith and Zandra Rubinger.

  • Clinical Engineering Week 2008

    A Great Success

    The first ever national Clinical Engineering week was announced by the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) this past winter. The week is intended to recognize the biomedical engineering technologists, technicians, clinical engineers and other medical technology professional that uniquely serve Canadian healthcare and patients. The inaugural week dates, March 1-8, were chosen to coincide with National Engineering week.