Happy New Year ACCES!

We are very pleased with such a large response to the ACCES Banner Design initiative in such a short period of time and looking forward to your submitted concepts by January 25th.

Keep in mind that during your design that although we were happy with the original, it was out of date and needed to be revamped with a current look. To the point that some of the individuals that were displayed on that banner have retired. Hence time for the refresh and to really show what Clinical Engineering and ACCES does today.

We want the ACCES banner to be displayed at our Educational Seminar and Trade Expo each year, to sit outside your department if possible, and displayed elsewhere during special occasions such as Clinical Engineering week or to take with you when attending job fairs. The banner should cry out our profession and be eye catching enough that it will make someone walking by, stop, step back, and take it all in.

To help with your design here are three links to the current banner. The dimensions of that banner are 33” (w) x 83” (l). As you can see the banner will need to be both in English and French. We can help if needed.

Good luck to the following who have applied to take this task on.

  • Phil Bradfield
  • Pierre Caissie
  • Myah Ellis
  • Chantelle Flynn
  • Christina McLaughlin
  • Robert Martin
  • Everett Pattison
  • John-Francis Rooney
  • Gary Slaunwhite
  • Michael Smith
  • Greg Wallace

Reach out at any time for guidance if needed.

Brett Fraser – ACCES President
Huddle Building
230 Hilton Road
Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1
Phone : 506-470-3903