Here we are already in the 2nd month of 2020 and both the ACCES Executive team and the ACCES25 planning committee are extremely busy planning this year’s upcoming events.

The ACCES Executive team is excited once again to offer bursary opportunities to our members and their immediate family. This will be the third year of offering two $500 bursaries, last year we were happy to award both.

Preparation is well underway for this year’s milestone Education Seminar and Trade Expo as we arrive at our 25th anniversary. During this event we will be honouring your nomination for “Clinical Engineering Professional of the Year” as well as “Professional Lifetime Achievement Award” and look forward to receiving your nominations.

We also recognize the struggle for delegates to attend ACCES25 as unfortunately not all individuals can be fully sponsored by their organization. As in past years we’ve offered financial assistance to help our delegates, this year will be the same, but we have doubled the funding to help as many ACCES members that we can. To ensure fairness, Marwan Abouelela has created a scoring system that takes all factors into account no matter if you’re new to the Clinical Engineering profession or a veteran. I encourage that you apply.

As part of ACCES25 we will be unveiling a new ACCES Banner to be displayed throughout Atlantic Canada. The competition is well underway, and the selection committee is currently refining the nine submissions to one.

Once again, the ACCES25 planning committee, chaired by Natalie Boudreau, is hard at work making this a memorable event. The education sessions have all been selected, the vendor hall is 90% full, and the social events have all been planned…and still with over two months to go. I want to recognize that this take a lot of time and effort and the team is doing a great job. I am looking forward to this year’s event and strongly encourage you to attend. There will be a few extras to commemorate this silver event, but I won’t give all the surprises away. The delegate registration site is active so sign up earlier to be eligible for the “early bird” draw.

Finally, are ACCES membership drive will be starting shortly. So, keep and eye on your emails for that notification to soon arrive.


Brett Fraser
President, Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society