May 17, 2021

Hi ACCES, the first thing I would like to do is wish everyone a happy National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation Week. Once again you may not be sharing your celebration with others in your facilities but do take the time to sit back and reflect on last years achievements.

Each year ACCES celebrates this week with a photo contest where the three top entries are selected, and a prize is awarded to each. I must say, once again there was some great ideas entered in 2020, I really enjoyed the extreme Social Distancing concept. I encourage all areas to step up and submit, either just with your team or with some extra creativity added.

In prep for past conferences, we were always excited to showcase an individual as the Outstanding Clinical Engineering Professional.  We do not want to lose sight of this in lack of the 2021 venue. I encourage you to step back, look at your peers, and recognize a deserving individual through a nomination. The presentation will be awarded through a virtual celebration. On a side note, we will be putting off the Lifetime Achievement award once again this year as we do want to save that for the conference.

Our Membership drive has just begun so have a look in your emails. I am very glad to see an influx of memberships come in last week when it was launched. Thank you for your support.

Our communication comes to our ACCES community in two forms. First though our website and secondly through emails. We have seen in some cases where local email security policies may cause these emails to be screened out and sent directly to spam or junk email box. Please check these areas periodically or set up rules in your email service to allow them through. We don’t want you to miss important communications or opportunities offered by ACCES.

As we move forward through 2021, I am looking forward to increased vaccinations and lower COVID infections. I will be excited to see at least the Atlantic Bubble back up so that I can travel back into our neighbouring provinces and enjoy the sites and hospitality we Atlantic Canadians are known for. Perhaps I may be fortunate enough to cross your path.

Brett's John Henry

Brett Fraser
President, Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society