February 2022

Hello ACCES, the first thing that I would like to say is Happy New Year to everyone and let us hope for a better 2022 than 2021, although we have started out on the wrong foot.

Unfortunately, once again the ACCES25 conference had to be cancelled. It was a tough call to make back in late September 2021 but a gut feeling, and sense of uncertainty paid off with the Omicron strain being so prevalent throughout the world. I am confident that I will be writing a different story in 2023 so be ready to attend a May 9th to 12th conference and have some overdue networking with your peers.

It is also that time of year when the ACCES Executive team will offer bursary opportunities to our members and their immediate family. This will be the fifth year of offering two $500 bursaries. Please take the time to submit as a benefit of your membership.

We had a great response from our Corporate membership drive this year whose contribution help support ACCES. See our website for a full list of Corporate members as well as some interesting content which they have supplied to our newsletter.

Finally, I am very happy to welcome the first publication of 2022, and edited by our new Director of Communications, David Gillis. I look forward to having this role filled and for that, thank you David.

Brett's John Henry

Brett Fraser
President, Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society