• Donation to PEI Hospital

    Each year, as part of the ACCES Educational Seminars and Trade Expo, fundraising activities are held during social & networking sessions. Funds raised during these sessions are donated to local hospital foundations throughout Atlantic Canada.

  • National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation Week

    Biomedical and Clinical Engineering departments across Canada are celebrating the National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation Week on May 19-25, 2019. As part of the celebrations, ACCES is once again launching a photo contest to all its registered members in Atlantic Canada.

  • ACCES Bursary Recipient 2018

    ACCES is proud to announce its very first bursary recipient in January 2018: Nicolas Chassé, son of ACCES member Mario Chassé. Nicolas will be using the $500 bursary to attend a course in electronics engineering technology, intending to follow in his father’s footsteps and to one day become a clinical engineering technologist (pictured above: Nicolas Chassé with ACCES member and proud father Mario Chassé). Congratulations, Nicolas, and best of luck!

  • Message from the President

    Dear ACCES Community,

    Along with the ACCES executive team, I would like to start out with welcoming you all to 2018. This year will bring one of the biggest Clinical Engineering Educational Seminars and Trade Expos held in Atlantic Canada for some time with CMBES and ACCES combining efforts in Charlottetown during the second week of May.

  • 2017 Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week Winners

    altBiomedical and Clinical Engineering departments across Atlantic Canada celebrated the Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week last year from May 21-27, 2017. As part of the celebrations, ACCES launched its annual photo-contest to registered members.

    The criteria were simple: snap a picture of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering week activities or celebrations – with the ACCES logo somewhere in the photo. We were quite surprised with the creativity, smiles, and cakes in this year’s submissions. In the end, the judges were finally able to agree on three winning submissions for this year...

  • Message from the President

    altDear ACCES members,

    It is that time of year again, in which we are in the midst of the initial planning stages for the next ACCES Educational Seminars & Trade Expo. As you should already know, this year’s conference will be hosted in Charlottetown PEI. Its organization will be no small task, as this will be a combination of the ACCES and CMBES conferences: ACCES23/CMBEC41. Already, we have a strong base in forming the multiple committees needed for putting this event together, with representation from across the country.

  • Spotlight Article Fall 2017

    This Fall’s spotlight article moves away from New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia where we meet Brian Seidel, one of the newer Biomedical Electronics Technologists (Biomed) to the province’s healthcare scene… but not new to healthcare. You see, Brian started as a Biomedical Technologist back in 2008 in the military.

  • 22nd Annual ACCES Educational Seminars & Trade Expo

    This year marked the 22nd anniversary of an annual event that brings together clinical engineering professionals and key healthcare technology players in Atlantic Canada: the Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Educational Seminars and Trade Expo. Over 120 delegates, vendors, and speakers were present for this event in Moncton, New Brunswick, from May 17-19, 2017.


  • Clinical Engineering in NB Recognized for Innovation


    Service New Brunswick’s Clinical Engineering branch was recently recognized as a finalist for ECRI Institute's 11th annual Health Devices Achievement Award. Clinical Engineering utilized a concept called critical percentage to better improve completion rates of inspection and preventative maintenance (IPM) on medical devices throughout the province.

  • New Education Committee

    altThe ACCES board of directors recently held their Annual General Meeting, which took place on Thursday, May 18th 2017, in Moncton, New Brunswick. The floor was opened for nominations to the vacant Director of Education position, but none were received. However, after a few members showed interest in lending a hand, an Education Committee was formed.

    The Education Committee has since met, and together they have laid the groundwork for a series of educational offerings through online webinars based on speaker sessions from ACCES22. Expect emails to be sent to the ACCES distribution list as soon as webinars are scheduled and available. Coming soon!



  • Message from the ACCES President



    Dear ACCES Members,

    It is finally nice to see that summer has arrived to the Atlantic Provinces, bringing with it the nicer weather, which we all deserve. Especially deserving are those individuals who participated in hosting ACCES22 this year in Moncton.

  • Affiliation with CMBES

    In May 2015 ACCES (Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society) and CMBES (the Candian Medical and Biological Engineering Society) signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between out two Societies.

    CMBES is Canada's principal society for engineering in medicine and biology. It is a member of Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)and affiliated with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE).

  • Spotlight Article Spring 2017

    altThis Spotlight article features Dan Burrill, an ACCES member who is based at the Moncton City Hospital and who has quite a unique career progression, from his formative years to his soon-to-be retirement. Dan grew up jumping between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as his dad was a pastor and was required to move about to help some of the smaller coastal communities. Dan’s first memory was that of growing up in Mace’s Bay near the Point Lepreau area in New Brunswick, but he considers Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, as his childhood home.


  • Spotlight On Our Members

    This Spotlight article features a member from Saint John, New Brunswick, where another of Clinical Engineering’s veterans resides, Bertram McDonald, or who we all know as Bert.

    Bert grew up with nine brothers and sisters in Prince of Whales, not a spot located somewhere in Scotland, but a community just a stone’s throw from Musquash NB, where he attended the proverbial one room “little red school house” from grades one to three. With the closure of many rural schools he would finish grades 4 through 9 by taking the short drive to West Saint John where he graduated from Saint John Vocational High School. 

  • Mike, Come in……..Over

    This month’s Spotlight features Mike Smith from the Fredericton Area. Although Mike didn’t always live in the area as he was originally born in Goose bay, Labrador in 1963. At the age of three though he packed up (or his parents did) and the family moved back to Fredericton, their home city.

  • Western Region HANS Celebrating CE Week 2016

    altEvery year in May, Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week is celebrated in healthcare institutions across Canada, as a recognition of the hard work and valuable contributions made by biomedical/clinical engineers, technologists and technicians.

    This year was no different, and many Clinical Engineering departments across Atlantic Canada engaged in celebrations and activities, with our classic celebratory style: lots of cake!

    ACCES wanted to take the time this year to recognize Western Region HANS, whose Clinical Engineering staff came together in celebrations for the young, the not so young, and the very young!

  • ACCES Supports Help for Haiti

    In late October, one of our very own clinical engineering technologists, Patrick Clarke, went on a special trip: he joined a volunteer task force made up of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals from Newfoundland committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti by getting involved with Team Broken Earth. ACCES was glad to offer some financial support in the form of a $300 donation for Patrick and his volunteer group’s mission, which he was glad to share with us once he got back “…a little tired but a better person for having been there”.

  • Defining a Medical Device in Clinical Engineering

    Medical devices have been used in hospitals even before clinical engineering or biomedical engineering departments ever existed. However, a clear definition of “medical device” consistent with Clinical Engineering’s scope of services is a bit more difficult to come by. This article has been put together to explore the different definitions that exist for medical devices, and how these can be applied to Clinical Engineering (CE).

  • Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week Photo Contest winners 2014

    Biomedical and Clinical Engineering departments across Atlantic Canada celebrated the Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week last year from May 18-24, 2014. As part of the celebrations, ACCES launched a photo-contest to all its registered members.

    The criteria were simple: snap a picture of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering week activities or celebrations – with the ACCES logo somewhere in the photo. The submissions were numerous, creative and all-around fun! Though it was a challenging task, the judges were finally able to agree on the four winning submissions for this year:

  • ACCES Strategic Directions

    • Our mission is to support clinical engineering professionals working in Atlantic Canada. We strive to develop and promote opportunities for continuing education, personal growth, sharing of experience, adoption of standards of practice, and certification. To achieve these goals, the directors developed a 4 year strategic plan to help focus our energies.
    • With your assistance in our member poll and a facilitator, the ACCES directors identified 4 strategic directions with priorities and timelines assigned to each.
    • We hope these directions align with your view of what a successful Clinical Engineering Society looks like and we welcome any feedback you have on the direction of your society. Please contact any of the Executive via the information on our contact page.