• Spotlight Article – CR-OP’s Rwanda Mission – Part 1

    Introducing CR-OP's Transformative Mission: A Beacon of Hope in Cardiac Surgery

    In the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a remarkable initiative known as CR-OP is quietly unfolding. This independent group of dedicated medical professionals hails from diverse corners of Canada and as far away as Poland...

  • Spotlight: Matt Stacey - Part 1

    This Article is a 2-part series and follows the unique, yet exciting career journey of Matt Stacey, who has enjoyed a nearly 20-year Biomed career that is anything but ordinary, working in some of the most remote and isolated regions of Northern Canada. He is currently working as a Health Technology Management Consultant and based in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

  • Spotlight: Matt Stacey - Part 2

    This is part two of our two-part article on Matt Stacey’s Biomed career journey. In part one, we explored Matt’s beginnings as a biomedical technologist, growing up in Newfoundland and making the journey north as a biomedical technologist in Nunavut, where he met his wife, Jacqueline, their move to New Brunswick, and having their first child.

  • Spotlight: Gary Slaunwhite – Recipient of the Outstanding Canadian Biomed of the Year Award (CMBES)

    Gary Slaunwhite was CMBES’ 2021 selection for the Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Technologist award. Gary is currently employed in the Clinical Engineering department of the IWK Health, in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a Biomedical Engineering Technologist, Team Lead.

  • Spotlight Article Winter 2020

    Jontaylor Estey

    Working as a Clinical Engineering Technologist at the Saint John Regional Hospital (SJRH), Jontaylor Estey is one of those people who seems to always have multiple projects on the go. In his own words: “I try to lead quite an eventful life, and the story keeps unravelling…

  • Spotlight Article Fall 2019

    The ACCES Executive would like to welcome Marwan Abouelela as a Director at Large to our team.

    Marwan joined IWK Health Centre in 2017, bringing with him over twenty (20) years of diversified experience in healthcare including project management, marketing, medical affairs, sales management and leadership roles.

  • Spotlight Article Fall 2017

    This Fall’s spotlight article moves away from New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia where we meet Brian Seidel, one of the newer Biomedical Electronics Technologists (Biomed) to the province’s healthcare scene… but not new to healthcare. You see, Brian started as a Biomedical Technologist back in 2008 in the military.

  • Spotlight Article Spring 2017

    altThis Spotlight article features Dan Burrill, an ACCES member who is based at the Moncton City Hospital and who has quite a unique career progression, from his formative years to his soon-to-be retirement. Dan grew up jumping between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as his dad was a pastor and was required to move about to help some of the smaller coastal communities. Dan’s first memory was that of growing up in Mace’s Bay near the Point Lepreau area in New Brunswick, but he considers Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, as his childhood home.


  • Spotlight On Our Members

    This Spotlight article features a member from Saint John, New Brunswick, where another of Clinical Engineering’s veterans resides, Bertram McDonald, or who we all know as Bert.

    Bert grew up with nine brothers and sisters in Prince of Whales, not a spot located somewhere in Scotland, but a community just a stone’s throw from Musquash NB, where he attended the proverbial one room “little red school house” from grades one to three. With the closure of many rural schools he would finish grades 4 through 9 by taking the short drive to West Saint John where he graduated from Saint John Vocational High School. 

  • Mike, Come in……..Over

    This month’s Spotlight features Mike Smith from the Fredericton Area. Although Mike didn’t always live in the area as he was originally born in Goose bay, Labrador in 1963. At the age of three though he packed up (or his parents did) and the family moved back to Fredericton, their home city.